Hello! We are Katie (Crux London) and Kirstie (Kirstie MacLaren) we are jewellery designer BFF. We are incredibly proud to say we are the original ring carving workshop! The Workbench sprung to life quite unexpectedly (like all the best things).  To cut a long story short; Kirstie planned a cross stitch craft night with some friends. I rocked up with a bottle of wine and no threads. Oops! Classic Katie.  As I had to carve a ring for a customer design, I decided to carve while the other girls stitched - we stared at each-other and realised 'HEY WE COULD ALL MAKE A RING'.  The following day we called our local pub and held the first ever Workbench Night in Leyton. That was 3 years ago and since then we have launched The Workbench Box, collaborated with some amazing brands and travelled far and wide making rings with you sparkly lot.  

What we love most about The Workbench is how individual this process is. Ever wanted a ring for a particular finger, that perfect signet or wedding bands that you both get to make?  With our nights and kits we give you the opportunity to create something totally unique and special to you. We encourage fun, even having a little cocktail to help get those creative juices flowing. 

What makes this process so rewarding is that each ring is expertly hand polished by us. No design fees are added, just our labour, silver and postage! So what are you waiting for go grab a box or book onto one of our sell out workshops and make a ring you will not only treasure but wear everyday with pride.  


Click here to see our Workshop in action! 

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