The Workbench Extra Wax


The Workbench Extra Wax

from 5.00

Extra Wax! Every Workbench box comes with two waxes (1 extra for you to practice with) However if you wish to practice with more you can! Or if you wish to start carving with the right ring size (you may have been gifted our box- if so you lucky thing!) You can now order this here from as little as £5.

Shipping option for UK & Beyond (+£3)

Simply choose your wax width and select your size.

This option can only be purchased with your original Workbench Box order number.

  • Wide rings send into our workshop will be charged an extra £25

  • Only 2 waxes can be sent in per box (the second wax will be charged an extra £45)

  • If you wish to make a 3rd or more you will have to order our refill pack

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