Have You Met Our New Extension Kits?

Are you ready to take your ring carving to the next level? We’re thrilled to welcome three fantastic extension kits that are sure to add a whole new dimension to your ring making journey.

We get asked all the time about how to create certain ring styles. We’ve put our heads together to come up with these new extension kits that give you access to exclusive design tutorials and additional materials that make the process easier for you to create the ring of your dreams.

Make your mark

The iconic fingerprint ring is our most requested ring design, but we know it can be tricky to perfect and unnerving to hold your beautifully carved ring near an open flame. Our Wax Imprint Extension Kit not only lets you capture your loved ones fingerprint, but opens up a world of possibilities for imprinting textures and motifs onto your wax ring. Our specialist, peelable, warm wax is designed to protect both your finished wax ring and your fingers from direct heat. Plus, it allows you to have multiple attempts at perfecting your imprint. So let your imagination run wild and play with texture. Some of our favourites so far include flowers, shells and objects with special significance. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Keep your companion close

Another question that we frequently get asked is how to immortalise the adorable details of your beloved furry friend. And believe us when we say, we are so HERE for it!

Our Pet Print Extension Kit is here to help you create a special piece of jewellery featuring your pet’s nose or paw prints. Our peelable warm wax ensures the safety of your finished wax ring but, more importantly, protects your pet’s precious paws. We know from experience that pets can be a little wriggly when trying to capture their imprints, which is why our specialist wax lets you make multiple attempts to capture them at their best.

Our top tip: we recommend using a little olive oil on their skin to prevent the wax from sticking and an extra person to bribe them with treats. 

Little lasting memories

Ever looked at your childs drawings and felt sure they are a creative genius? Us to! 😉

Our Scribble Extension Kit is a beautiful way to celebrate your child’s creativity and create lasting memories that you can wear every day. Transform their playful lines and joyful squiggles into precious memories engraved onto a stunning piece of jewellery. Simply let their imagination flow, and our artisan engravers in Hatton Garden will bring their doodles to life on your finished cast ring.

And the best part? You can add these extension kits to any ring carving kit purchase, elevating your designs with a personal touch that’s uniquely yours. You are constantly blowing us away with your amazing creations and we’re so excited to see how you use these new extension kits. 

We always love to know the story behind your rings, so if you have a story you’d like to share please let us know when you send your ring back to us. Pet pics are always welcome and you never know your child’s artwork could end up being featured on our feeds!

Please note that these are not standalone ring carving kits but rather delightful additions to your ring carving experience.

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November Birthstone: Citrine

November’s radiant birthstone, citrine, exudes warmth and positivity. This golden-yellow gem is often associated with abundance, success, and joy. Its name derives from the French word “citron,” meaning lemon, due to its zesty colour. Citrine is thought to carry the energy of the sun, offering a burst of optimism and vitality to its wearers. Many believe it can stimulate creativity and manifest prosperity.

If you are celebrating a November baby or you are one yourself, we have a stunning array of citrines, available in a variety of round brilliant cuts and fancy shapes. See our Gemstones

page for more info.

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