1 Wax ring blank, 2 practice wax, 3 ring sizer, 4 craft knife, 5 ring box and envelope for safe wax ring delivery to our workshop, 6 sandpaper (coarse & smooth), 7 ring ‘size it yourself’ sandpaper, 8 thumb protector, 9 pencil.

Please note this kit has an upfront split payment system. You will be spreading the cost by paying in 2 installments. No waiting for quotes or being shocked by the price. Please see product description for details.

Ring designs where additional wax has been added a fee may be charged to cover the additional metal required for casting.

🎨 Your kit includes our ring design guide containing inspiration, carving tips and a space for you to draw your ring design. You will also gain access to our exclusive online ring carving tutorials.

💎 Our online ring portal is where you tell us how you would like your ring finished before sending your wax in for casting. Here you can pay for any extras, such as adding gemstones, engraving and metal upgrades.

🌎 UK shipping is included in the price of the kit. However, international ring makers will need to arrange their own wax ring return method of shipping. We recommend a tracked service to ensure safe delivery to our workshop.