Ring Trends 2024: Must-Have Styles and Designs

Stay ahead of the curve with our curated collection of the hottest ring trends! Be inspired by the latest designs to inform your next creation and elevate your style.

We will update this journal every month as rings move through our workshop and styles evolve. Check back often—you might spot your creation in our mood boards and become a trendsetter!

July: Under The Sea

Maybe it’s because we’re dreaming of lazy summer days at the beach and swimming in crystal clear waters, but we are seeing a lot of rings at the moment that transport us straight to the ocean. Fully embracing mermaid-core, think ripples on water, deep-sea blues, coastal flora and fauna, and even a sea creature or two! Dive into our Under the Sea ring trend and add a touch of marine magic to your jewellery collection.

June: First Impressions

This last month, we have really noticed our Imprint and Pet Print Companion Kits take off, fast becoming our best sellers and we are loving what you are creating with them!

Capturing unique textures in the wax, from pet paws and noses, wedding flowers, and even textures found in the landscape from special holidays, these add-on kits are not just for fingerprints (although we love these too 😉).

Using our special pink safety wax, our ring carvers have immortalised all sorts of beautiful textures, adding another layer of meaning and personalisation. By incorporating these special imprints, you’re adding another dimension to your rings, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind and rich with sentimental value. Whether it’s a reminder of a special moment, place or a cherished companion, this trend allows you to create rings that tell a personal story.

Pssst. We also LOVE it when you share your stories with us, so don’t be shy, let us know why you’re carving on the postcard included in your kit!

May: Liquid Dreams

We’ve been noticing a lot of melty designs, particularly in silver lately. We love how the high polish captures the essence of fluidity and movement. Boasting natural forms, these rings appear both liquid and frozen in time. With their organic shapes and smooth contours, each melty design is left to the whim of the molten wax which gives each a unique charm.

Whether you’re drawn to the shimmering allure of liquid silver or the mesmerising curves of molten metal, dive into the trend and create your own melty modern masterpiece.

With every kit purchase, you get access to our exclusive tutorials hub where you can find a special video on how to achieve the molten look.