Capturing Moments: How to Use Imprints in Your Ring Designs

From fingerprints to pet paws and noses, wedding flowers, and even textures found in the landscape or on holidays, this trend has struck a chord with ring carvers looking to add another layer of creativity and personalisation to their designs.

This month, we have really seen our Imprint Kits take off to become a best seller. And we love seeing the unique textures that can be captured in the wax!

Our Imprint Kits are designed to be used together with one of our ring carving kits, allowing you to create personalised and meaningful designs. It doesn’t matter which ring carving kit you choose; the decision depends on how much surface area you want your imprint to cover and your final ring design. Whether you prefer a slim, elegant band or a bold, wide signet, the choice is entirely up to you and your creative vision. The combination of the two kits empowers you to craft a unique piece that reflects your personal style and the special imprints you wish to capture. Let your creativity guide you as you design a ring that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

How To Add An Imprint

Using our special pink safety wax capturing these beautiful textures is easy and fun! Here’s our step-by-step guide to help you add an imprint to your finished carved ring:

Prepare Your Wax Ring: Start with your carved wax ring, make sure that the imprint is the very last thing you add to your design. Ensure the surface is smooth and ready for the imprint.

Warm the Wax: Gently warm the pink safety wax using the tea light until it becomes gloopy. Blob the molten pink wax onto the surface of your blue wax ring where you would like the imprint to go.

Capture the Texture: Gently reheat the pink wax near the flame, it is a lot softer than the blue wax so it will melt quickly. Be ready to capture your imprint.

  • Fingerprints: Press your finger lightly into the warm wax to capture the unique ridges and patterns.
  • Pet Paws and Noses: Gently press your pet’s paw or nose into the wax. Ensure you do this gently and safely, keeping your pet comfortable throughout. Top tip! Put a little olive oil on their skin to stop the wax sticking.
  • Wedding Flowers: Lay the flower on a flat surface and press the warm wax onto the petals to capture their delicate texture.
  • Nature and Landscape: Collect textured elements like leaves, shells, or stones. Press the wax against these surfaces to create an imprint.

Refine the Design: Once you’ve captured the texture, let the pink wax cool and solidify. If you want to, you can tidy up the edges of the imprint using your knife, or use the fine sandpaper to smooth any edges and refine the design, integrating the imprint seamlessly with the rest of the ring. Or just leave it in all its beauty as it is, it’s up to you!

Prepare for Casting: Once you’re satisfied with your design, your wax ring is ready for casting!

The Beauty of Personalisation

By incorporating these personal and meaningful imprints, you’re adding another dimension to your rings, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind and rich with sentimental value. Whether it’s a reminder of a special moment, a cherished companion, or a beautiful place, this technique allows you to create rings that tell a personal story.

The appeal of this trend lies in its ability to transform a simple ring into a treasured keepsake.

Imagine wearing a ring that features your partner’s fingerprint, your pet’s paw print, or the texture of flowers from your wedding bouquet. Each imprint carries a story, a memory, and a connection, making your ring uniquely yours 🥹

Feeling Inspired?

We’re thrilled to see so many of you embracing this trend and creating such meaningful pieces. From delicate floral textures to bold pet imprints, the creativity and craftsmanship are truly inspiring. Using our special pink safety wax, you can capture all sorts of beautiful textures and add a unique touch to your designs.

As you continue to explore the possibilities of our Imprint Kits, we hope you find joy in creating pieces that are not only beautiful but also deeply personal. We cannot wait to see what you create!

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