How to Prepare Your Wax Ring for Gemstone Setting

At The Workbench, we believe that every ring tells a story, and incorporating gemstones adds a dazzling dimension to your creation.

When carving a ring to incorporate gemstones there are a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure that your stone not only looks stunning but can be securely set by our expert stone setters. Here’s a guide to help you carve a ring with our kits that’s perfect for showcasing your favourite gemstones.

We offer 3 types of flush setting Invisible (left), Star (middle) and Row (right).

Invisible Setting: Our most popular setting, the stone sits within the surface of the metal. It’s clean, modern and one of the most secure setting styles too. There is no extra charge for this setting style.

Star Setting: You can upgrade your setting style to a star if you want to add an extra design feature to your ring. The stone is held in place by the base of the star engraved by the setter.

You can choose between a 4 or 8 point star. The style can also make your stone appear larger. Make sure to leave enough room on your ring for the star shape to be engraved. Do not attempt to carve the star shape yourself.

Row Setting: Our newest setting style allows you to create lines, wiggles, letters and shapes with gemstones and diamonds. From wedding bands to playful designs, we can’t wait to see what you create.

Creating The Perfect Platform For Your Gemstones

Select Your Stone: Before you start carving your wax, begin by choosing your stone. You may have a stone included in your kit or be thinking of adding one in the ring portal but it is important to be aware of which stone you are going for so that you can work out its dimensions in relation to your ring design. For example if you are choosing a 2mm stone you will need to make sure your ring design has at least 1-1.5mm around where you want the stone to go and your ring needs to be at least 1-1.5mm deep to conceal the belly of the stone.

Take a look at our gemstone menu to find out the dimensions of your chosen stone/s. These measurements will guide your carving process and ensure that the setting fits perfectly.

Decide on the Setting: Decide on the type of setting you want to create as you will need to make sure you have space for each setting on your wax and be mindful of this whilst carving.  Star settings usually need a little bit of extra room to allow our setters to create a beautiful star ⭐

Carve Your Ring: Carve your design as desired all the while being mindful of leaving enough space in the wax surrounding your gemstone/s so that our setters can work their magic. You can use a small ruler to roughly guide you.

Mark the Placement: Use the permanent marker in your kit to put a small dot on the wax where you would like each stone to be set. These dots will inform our setters so be precise to make sure the placement aligns with your vision.

Using your ruler, check around the outside of your dot to make sure you have left sufficient space on the width of the ring and also that the wax has enough depth for the belly of the stone (the pointed bottom part of the stone) to sit comfortably without protruding from the ring. See the image above for a handy guide!

DO NOT gouge, drill or cut into the ring where you want your stones. All we need is a dot and our expert setters do the rest! If you are choosing a star setting, you do not need to create the star yourself.

Ensuring comfort: The key to making a great ring is all in the final touches, so taking time on this step will really make your finished ring sing. Make sure the band of your wax ring is thick enough to support the setting and the stone but not so thick as to make it uncomfortable and heavy to wear. A well-balanced ring will ensure durability and comfort.

Final Touches: Smooth (if you’re going for a smooth finish) and refine the entire ring, eliminating any imperfections. A refined wax ring will result in a smoother, more professional-looking final piece. You can always draw your permanent marker dots back on to your wax at the very end of your carve. See this video for a handy guide on creating that glossy finish!

Let It Shine!

Once you’re satisfied with your wax ring, it’s ready for casting. Submit it to our ring portal and don’t forget to upload an image of your ring providing us with as much detail as you can about your stone choice, setting style and stone placement. We know not everyone feels comfortable drawing but we promise we don’t judge and any extra info helps us get your ring back to you just the way you dreamt it!

By carefully planning and carving your ring for invisible, star or row settings, you can create a stunning piece that showcases your gemstones in all their glory. So give it a go and add some sparkle to your ring design.

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