Ring Carving with The England Women’s Football Team

At The Workbench, we’re all about turning moments into memories, so we were SO excited and proud to play a very small part in helping the Lionesses celebrate and commemorate their incredible 2023 world cup success.

We were hooked on Esme Morgan’s TikToks showing her crafty behind the scenes escapades, getting her teammates involved in mindful crafts during the tournament. So we wanted to reach out and see if they fancied trying their hand at some ring carving and at the same time create a special momento of their World Cup.

Esme’s genius idea to sprinkle some crafty goodness into the Lionesses routine struck a chord with us. We get it; sometimes, amidst all the hustle and bustle, you just need a creative breather. That’s where our ring carving kits come in, offering a zen-like escape that’s as relaxing as it is rewarding.

So, with that in mind we sent a little love and some ring carving kits to the Lionesses, eager to see what magic they’d create. They took their kits to training camp, when they would all be together and got stuck in. And wow, did they deliver! From fluid wavy designs and mini signets to classic chunky bands, each ring was a mini masterpiece, reflecting the team’s unity, spirit, and general awesomeness.

Seeing the Lionesses embrace ring carving was so lovely, each taking a different approach, perhaps our favourite was the ring carved by Niamh Charles who got every member of the team to carve a little chunk out- a real team effort 💖 It wasn’t just about making jewellery; it was about capturing their journey—one sliver at a time.

Getting Crafty at Camp!

The Big Reveal!

We want to say a HUGE thank you to the Lionesses- for being ace role models for girls everywhere and inspiring us with your skills, passion, and killer team spirit! And to all you fellow craft enthusiasts out there, remember, there’s no moment too big or small for a touch of creativity.

Try it Yourself

Turn your special moments into lasting memories with the same ring carving kit the England women’s national football team used, The Silver Kit. Delivering endless possibilities to create something truly unique, this kit was the perfect companion for their creative journey. Some chose to upgrade their final design to gold and 18ct gold plating and add gemstones and as a little special extra touch we engraved “The Lionesses” onto each ring. It was our way of infusing a little extra magic into their creations, turning them into tangible symbols of team pride and camaraderie. 🥰