Red Sky at Night Sapphire


Introducing the Sunset Sapphire Collection, a stunning array of one-of-a-kind gemstones that capture the unique beauty of the long summer evenings. Choose your favourite sunset shade or combine them for a dreamy, sunset-inspired palette.

Stone Details:
Dimensions: 7mm x 5mm
Shape: Oval Cut
Colour: Red
Other Information: 0.99ct

These stones are part of our Special Edition Gemstone collection, one-of-a-kind gemstones for one-of-a-kind rings! Each gemstone in this collection is meticulously handpicked by Katie and Kirstie for its exceptional shape, cut and rarity of colour, making it the luxury choice for those looking to celebrate a special occasion or honour a special person.

Exclusive and elegant, with only one of each unique special edition stone, don’t miss your chance to create a ring that truly stands out.

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Further Info

Bespoke Design Guide

Whether you’re marking a milestone or gifting something extraordinary, these extra special sparklers are the epitome of luxury. And as an added extra, we’re here to help you make the most of these stunning gems, providing expert guidance and bespoke design options to showcase their unparalleled beauty.

With each special edition gemstone purchase you will receive a bespoke design guide, tailored specifically to your gemstone. This guide provides expert tips and suggested ring designs to help you create a piece that highlights your stone’s best features.

You can further enhance your ring design by pairing this beauty with additional gemstones from our extensive gemstone menu. Choose complementary stones to create a truly unique and personalised piece.

Please see below for our setting styles and full gemstone menu.

Setting Styles

Our most popular setting style the ‘invisible’ setting. We love this style because it’s clean and modern and doesn’t distract from your design.

*There is no extra charge for this setting style

Our latest setting style allows you to create lines, wiggles, letters and shapes with gemstones and diamonds. From wedding bands to playful designs we can’t wait to see what you create.

*There is no extra charge for this setting style

You can choose to upgrade your setting style to a star setting if you wish. The stone is held in place by points graved by our stone setter. You can choose between an 4 point or 8 point star. After all we wouldn’t want to limit you creativity. Fun fact this can also make your stone appear bigger!

*£15 per setting

How To Order

You must purchase a ring carving kit along with these stones. The cost of the kit is not included in the price of the stone. In order to purchase you must:

  • Select your Special Edition Gemstone and add it to your basket.*
  • Select your kit and add it to your basket – see kit suggestions below that will accommodate your special edition stone.
  • Add any additional gemstones you wish from our gemstone menu to your kit order.
  • Complete your purchase and get ready to create a stunning, custom ring that showcases your unique gemstone!

* Please note that we will not send you the physical stone/s. The stone you choose will be kept safely at our workshop and set in your finished ring. You will receive all the dimensions of your Special Edition Stone with your bespoke design guide to help you create your dream ring.

Our Gemstones

Opal *fragile
Green Tourmaline
Teal Tourmaline
London Blue Topaz
Smokey Quartz

Give your ring design a playful twist and add a little extra sparkle with our ethically sourced semi-precious gemstones.

These stones are available in brilliant round cut, square, oval, pear and baguette. See our price list for more info.

January Garnet
February Amethyst
March Aquamarine
April Diamond
May Emerald
June Moonstone
July Ruby
August Peridot
September Blue Sapphire
October Opal (*fragile)
November Citrine
December Tanzanite

Birthstones are gems that are associated with your birth month and each stone has a unique meaning and significance. Since ancient times it has been widely believed that wearing your birthstone enhances your wellness and good fortune! Do you know yours?

These stones are available in brilliant round cut, square, oval, pear and baguette. See our price list for more info.

Blue Sapphire
White Sapphire
Yellow Sapphire
Sage Green Sapphire
Sky Blue Sapphire
Pink Sapphire
Mandarin Sapphire
Lilac Sapphire
Red Sapphire

Dive into a world of vibrant colour with our dazzling sapphires! Second only to diamonds in hardness, their sparkle and durability makes them perfect for everyday wear.

These stones are available in brilliant round cut, square, oval, pear and baguette. See our price list for more info.


Beguiling gemstones in royal hues, emeralds, rubies and tanzanite are luxurious gemstones defined by their quality, rarity and beauty of colour.

These stones are available in brilliant round cut, square, oval, pear and baguette. See our price list for more info.

White Diamond
Princess Cut *only available in White Diamond
Trillion Cut *only available in White Diamond
Marquise Cut *only available in White Diamond
Pear Cut *only available in White Diamond
Baguette Cut *only available in White Diamond
Yellow Diamond
Pink Diamond * Lab-grown
Salt and Pepper Diamond
Black Diamond
Champagne Diamond
Cognac Diamond

Once believed to be the tears of the gods or fragments of falling stars, Diamonds are billions of years old and the hardest natural substance on earth, resulting in a sparkle like no other and a clarity that’s simply unparalleled.

All our diamonds are ethically sourced. See our price list for more info.

Ocean Diamond

Ocean diamonds are responsibly handpicked from the oceans of Namibia and South Africa by divers who leave minimal traces on the environment. These diamonds give you the chance to carry the ocean with you, always, safe in the knowledge that this gemstone is natural, conflict-free, fully certified and ethically sourced.

Available in brilliant round cut only. See our price list for more info.

Blue Sapphire Heart
Sky Blue Sapphire Heart
Pink Tourmaline Heart
Pink Sapphire Heart
Ruby Heart
Emerald Heart
Peridot Heart
Yellow Sapphire Heart
Citrine Heart
White Diamond Heart

Our special edition gemstones are a continuously evolving collection specially curated by Katie and Kirstie. Chosen for their unique colour and shape, they add an extra special touch that goes beyond the ordinary.

Stone removal £20
Setting a stone under 3mm £35 per stone
Setting a fancy shape or stone over 3mm (not round) £50 per stone

We also love setting your own heirloom stones, if you’re lucky enough to have them!

For this service we charge a removal fee and a setting fee*. We cannot create bespoke settings for your stones, they must be incorporated into your carved wax design.

*Please note stones are sent at owner’s own risk. See our price list for more info.

If you know you would like a gemstone set in your ring but you are not ready to commit or you are gifting a kit but you’re not sure which gemstone to choose, you can select a gemstone voucher. This will add a stone credit for the amount of your choice.

This can be redeemed against a gemstone in the ring portal when you or they submit their finished wax.

Please note gemstones vouchers are non-refundable. Just like our ring making kits (excluding wedding band kit) gemstone vouchers are valid for 1 year


What our customers say about us…

“This is my third Workbench Kit and the process seriously gets more magic each time! This bought me so much joy :-)”

Verified buyer
United Kingdom, 2023

“Thank you for creating this amazing concept! My partner proposed to me with this chunky blue wax ring and I was so excited to get carving. Cannot wait to see the final outcome!”

Verified buyer
United Kingdom, 2023

“I was bought this kit by my wonderful sons to celebrate my 60th birthday. The pink sapphire represents me and the 2 sage green sapphires my boys. This ring will be a memory of a special birthday and my lovely boys.”

Verified buyer
United Kingdom, 2023

“We carved our rings by the fire on holiday in Scotland with a wee glass of wine and a cheese board. Such a nice activity!”

Fran and Harry
Verified buyer
United Kingdom, 2023

“My boyfriend and I have both carved a signet to mark our 10 year anniversary and we’re so excited to receive our rings.”

Verified buyer
United Kingdom, 2022

“Absolutely loved making my ring- really hope the design works. Thank you and can’t wait to see!”

Verified buyer
United Kingdom, 2022

“Thank you so much for all your help and advice along the way. I have absolutely loved creating my own ring that I got for my 18th birthday and it will be something I keep forever.”

Verified buyer
United Kingdom, 2022

“Its my favourite ring. I never take it off”

Daniel Bartha
Verified buyer
United Kingdom, 2020

“Thank you for making something so special possible!”

Verified buyer
United Kingdom, 2019

“I am so grateful I received a kit as part of my proposal! I had so much fun making my engagement ring!”

Verified buyer
United Kingdom, 2017

“Thank you so much for making our wedding bands so special we can’t wait to wear them!”

Zeena and Zach
Verified buyer
United Kingdom, 2021

“My ring is so incredible and more than I ever imagined it would be, so glad I trusted you both!”

Verified buyer
United Kingdom, 2018

“Thank you for creating such a lovely idea, I can’t wait to have a ring made by my Dad!”

Verified buyer
United Kingdom, 2020

“I made this ring based off the memory of a ring my Aunt gave me as a child, recreating it makes me feel reunited with a piece of my family again!”

Verified buyer
United Kingdom, 2019